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I'm Back!!! My Thoughts About Scrapbook Expo

August 17, 2017 artinthenight 0 Comments

Hi guys! How were you here without me? I hope you were fine!
You may wonder where I have been all this time? And now I will reveal this for you;) I was attending Stamp and Scrapbook Expo! Yay!

Bee and me had a great time during Expo! The whole event lasted three days and I participated in one way or another each three days.

First day was completely about creating twelve small projects. I met a lot of nice beautiful people. We had a great fun together, creating projects, discussing our hobby and doing shopping.

We created stylish monochromic card.

Bee found creating this one especially fascinating! She likes flowers;)

We all know, that August is already autumn!

On second day I had only Card Swap. And it was amazing! I loved it so much! So many beautiful cards made by so many creative people! Next year I will definitely repeat this!

In last day of Expo many things were happening. First of all I had a class for creating fabulous cards. It was not so bad after all, but unfortunately whole project was based on applying crystal embellishments and I'm not a big fan of them.

My second class was about creating Mixed Media Card. I liked this one much more, simply because technics were more universal and even if special products were promoted during the class you still may use anything you want and have same gorgeous result.

There was also a lot of give aways, free Make and Takes, Crops etc. 
And now I want to address some things that I didn't really like. First of all, most activities were happening only time to time or were not free. So in one moment I found myself in situation when I had nothing to do and was mostly bored and tired. But there wasn't even place there you may just stop and have some entertainment except shopping. So, this aspect was kind of disappointing. Maybe people who came for Crops had better experience, maybe I should try it next time.
I hope you like my post! I will be very happy to hear your thoughts about Expo. Have you ever been on Expo? Maybe you planning to go in next year? Please, share your opinion in comments.
Stay save and happy!
See you next time! 

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