Exploring new possibilities of spinning. Menu and cards and everything you want!

August 06, 2017 artinthenight 1 Comments

Hi there! In my last post I present to you tutorial for spinning card. I created one more card with cute cupcakes (I gave you a hint about it last Sunday). And I think this is the great concept, so since then I thought how you can expand the idea for something more than just a card.

And really, there is a lot of great things you can create!
One of the first ideas I came up with was children's menu. You can put cute little food icons in it and your kids will be happy to play with it.

Really I think it will be lot of fun for adults too! ;)
You can create many other fun things, such as advent calendar on Christmas, many different types of interactive cards, use this concept in your photo albums. (Maybe I should try it next, what do you think?) As you see, any idea has a great potential if you put your creativity and fantasy in it!
See you soon!

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