Do You Believe In Magic of Christmas, or One More First Timer

November 03, 2017 artinthenight 0 Comments

Hello my dear friends! How are you? I  am very good! In this time I came back really fast to thank you all for great feedback on my fist video! I was so excited and worried! And you all were so kind and helpful that now I have no choice but to make a new video for you as soon as possible. And I'm already working on one. But today post is about something else.

Halloween is over and this is mean that now is perfect time to start preparations for Christmas! We don't have so much time left, after all! And today I'm happy to present to you my first Christmas project in this season.
I wanted to make box-card for long time, and, at last, decided that time has come.

First of all I take 6" by 12" piece of patterned paper. If you take double-sided paper, you will save time for decoration, but really any paper will be good. Only sure that it is at list 110lb.

Then went measurement part. I shared my paper into four pieces of 2 2/3 inches on the wide side and into two halves (but don't share last fourth). On three shared parts take one inch extra.

Then all measurements are finished I made cutting.

This is how our paper looks like now.

I toned edges of my box with green inks.

Then I prepared 2.7" by 6" piece of patterned paper and 2.7" by 4" piece of white paper. Also I prepared three 1" by 2.7" stripes of white paper. I punched two pieces with boarder punch, made snowdrifts effect and toned edges of paper with blue ink.

I glued patterned paper to biggest part of my box.

On top I glued white 'snowdrifts'.

Then I gather the box together.

Now was time for embellished flaps of our box. I used contrast paper.

Then I embellished each flap. Then I prepared elements for inside part of the box.

I stamped some cutesy characters, colored them and cut with scissors.

I mounted stamped houses on foam tape and put them on top of patterned background.

Then I glued my first characters on 'snowdrifts' strip and adhered it to my box.

I made same thing with all another characters. Now you're done!

You may flattened your box and put it in envelop, if you want.
So, what do you think about my first box-card? I hope you liked it!
I wish you most wonderful day and see you soon! Bye!

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