Don't Touch This Pumpkin! Halloween Card!

August 23, 2017 artinthenight 1 Comments

Hello my creative friends! How are you? I hope you all fine and happy! Recently I was in craft store and whole place was already full of Halloween embellishments and decoration. Suchwise I figure out that autumn in US apparently starts in August! And this is mean that I should prepare my Halloween Project ASAP, so you may take some tips and use them for your own creations in time! Also, I started my MeetUp group, so I needed create some interesting projects for it.

I used in this card same technic as in Dimensional Balloon Card, so you already know first steps.

I used scoring board to divide my 8,5" to 11" sheet of cardstock on four equal parts.

Then I cut symmetrical oval windows on two bends.

Then I adhered three sides of my card with glue.

Then I punched several spiked paper ribbons.

I glued spiky "teeth" around window.

It already looks kind of creepy. What do you think?

I used black ribbons to create "lips" around my "teeth".

Then I put googly eyes of different sizes on all four sides of my card.

Then I used Mod Podge to glued down threads and created strange and complicated texture.

I used white gesso to primed each side of the card.

Then I made tiny pumpkin with polymer clay.

And passed the metal thread through the pumpkin.

Then I glued thread with pumpkin inside the card and painted each side with acrylic paint. I wanted it to look like a flesh. There is some close ups of finished card.

I really like how it worked out! I think it looks really creepy and monster-like.
What do you think? Do you like it? Do you want to try make one yourself? I will be happy to hear your thoughts.
This is all for today. There will be more interesting projects in future. Take care! See you soon!

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