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Continuing The Conversation, Or Little Birdie On The Branch

August 26, 2017 artinthenight 0 Comments

Hi there! How is it going? I hope you all fine in this pre autumn days! As it happens with me sometimes, if I find fascinating idea I just can't stop of using it again and again!

In this time, I can't stop created dimensional art objects using approved technic. Now I created amazingly cute birdie diorama. I love each of four sides of my composition!

So as not to bore you with details that you already know, I will skip technical details, you always can look them up in other posts. I will say only, that I created small dimensional bird from fabric and put it on string. Then I painted all side of my diorama with acrylic paint and put my bird in the center of composition.

Some closeups.

Hope this example will boost your creative energy, so you will apply artistic instruments to the usual techniques.
Wish you most wonderful day!
See you soon!

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