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First Group Meeting Or The Pleasures Of Socialization

August 28, 2017 artinthenight 0 Comments

Hi guys! How are you doing this days? Hope you all save and happy! 
I have great news! First meeting of my group took place on last Friday. And you know what? It was amazing!

I was so happy to see new people who love creating things as much as I am.
Also, this was my first creative session on which I acted as a mentor. It was unbelievable experience! I loved it so much, that my artistic potential grow to the sky in a second!

Here is I with my students and, of course, Bee is with me.
We learned how to create dimensional base for future projects. Unfortunately, we didn't have enough time to finish the project completely, but when you know basics it will be easy to create anything you want. So, I finished embellishing my project at home.

At the end I got spooky haunted castle with mossy walls and bats and the owl. Here is some close ups:

It is winking to you!

Now I'm ready to invent something magnificent for my second session, and I really hope that new people will come and will share my passion. Also, I'm hope you will like my new projects and new posts!
Stay happy and save!
See you later!

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