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Halloween Monstrosity

October 18, 2017 artinthenight 0 Comments

Hi friends! How have you been? Hope you all fine!
Looks like summer leave us for good and time has come for real Autumn fun. So, I have absolutely special project for you today!

Because it is most monstrous time of the year let's celebrate it with real Monsters. This simple project is ideal to make with your children or for your children. Or you can make it for your friends and family or as a party favors. In any way it will be great addition to Halloween fun!

I suggest that you create your monsters using the simplest and most bizarre materials that you can get. Here are examples of what I used: buttons, beads, sequences, treads, feathers, peaces of fabric, fur, glass stones and many other things. Really you may use anything, only limitation is your imagination!

As a base for the monsters I used thick foam (most amazing universal material ever!). It is soft enough, so it will be easy for you to make it desirable shape, but, in same time, strong enough to stay that way and wont bend or broke.
First step was to draw shape of my monster on foam, and then cut it with scissors. And don't forget window for candy container!

Note: At first I tried to use thick cardboard, but it was too hard to cut, so all borders of my monster were shredded and ugly. So I will recommend cardboard only if you have more suitable tools for cutting than scissors.

I used plastic compacts as containers for candies.
Anything else just embellishments of different kind.

On some monsters I painted base before start embellish them, on some - I painted only sides.

I tried to make them look like real creatures, so I made some kind of faces for each of them.
It's obvious that I was inspired by really existing animals creating my monsters.
I created several simple cards and glued to it each of my monster, to make them easier to demonstrate and present.

Almost everything was finished now.

Before gluing them down I used piercer to make perforation on the back side of candy container, so recipient can get candies without tear whole thing apart.
When I glued them on right place.

Here is final look of each of the monsters.

At the end I had seven monsters with their own unique look. They will be given away during Halloween trick-or-treating and I hope they will make someone's Halloween really Monstrous!

Before finish, I would like to say couple words about how I came up with this idea. When I was waiting in  line in one of the bureaucratic organization I started doodling on my receipt. I started playing with images of different letters, trying to make them look like strange creatures. This is how it looked like:

So, I stucked with this idea. When I came home I started develop it all around. I created several sketches and put some comments in my idea book.

Now I was ready to start bring it all to life!
I told this story to show you, how easy it is to find inspiration in our ordinary surroundings! Great ideas are all around us!
Thank you so much for your interest! I hope you enjoyed this project. Which monster is your favorite? Maybe you have your own stories about inspiration? Please share it in comment section, I will be very happy to hear from you.
See you again soon!

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