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Let The Spring In, Or Magical Travel Through The Forest

March 29, 2018 artinthenight 0 Comments

Hi there my friends! Looks like we finally got a little of Spring! And what could be better than celebrating this with a beautiful mixed-media project full of flowers, birds and butterflies! If you think so too, here is my new video for you!

We will use: - Chocolate box; - Stencils; - White cardstock;
- Patterned paper; - Die-cuts of different designs; - Embossing folders with floral designs; - Martha Stewart frame punches;
- Mixed-media pastes and paints of your choice;
- Any type of flowers, butterflies, birds and other small embellishments;
- Small piece of ribbon;
- Strong glue, scissors, tweezers, ruler and pencil, scoring board.

Here is full tutorial video. (I'm sorry that it came out little bit longer than I usually do. Next time, I think, I will split it on two halves.)

I got idea for this project when I realized that I have a lot of paper flowers and tools for making flowers in my stash. And I don't use them too much. This project is a great opportunity to use your old embellishments! And best part is that color don't matter - we will alter everything! 
I was trying to achieve metallic effect in my pieces, but so that they still look natural.
I used not only paper embellishments for my project, but also pieces made with molds and polymer clay. I made them long ago just to see how they will look. Great that they suit here beautifully.
Also I used a lot of flower-shaped sequences which I painted with metallic paint. 
When I was assemble my composition I tried to create effect of moving through the woods. So I put smallest embellishments on first layers. And then closer they are to the viewer the bigger they are become.
If you will use very thick frame, same as I am, then you may display your composition just as photo frame. Just put it on the table. If you still think that it won't be sturdy enough you can glue small foot to the back of the frame.
After all, I really like how this project worked out. In a sense it was an experiment for me, and it was a successful after all. I will try make new works using this technique. I hope you will try it too!
 Thank you so much for your attention! I wish you best day ever! Stay safe and happy, and I will see you soon! Bye!

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