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Basket Full Of Spring, Or Flower Madness Can't Be Stopped

April 17, 2018 artinthenight 1 Comments

Hello there! How were you doing recently?I hope that you have had time to enjoy several spring days that we had so far!
In my case, I used this sunny days to feed my inspiration and created one more flowery mixed-media project.

This time I used to go through my stash and found tiny baskets, which I store for year already. And since I had a lot of flowers left after my previous project, it looked like perfect idea - to combine them together!

Best thing about this project is that you don't really need much to make it and it take really small amount of time. If you don't have same basket in your inventory you can find them in craft store (I found them in wood craft section) or made them yourself using cardstock.

Beside basket you will need only paper, fabric or plastic flowers of different sizes and shapes (and you do not have to paint them if you OK with they natural colors and it works for your idea and composition), strong glue, couple acrylic paints (to color basket itself and if you choose to color flowers after all). I used Flower Soft and vine trims, but it's totally optional, you may find embellishments that you already have, that will work better for you.

Same thing with stamping part. You may completely skip this part and leave inside part of the basket's lid empty, or paint something, or your basket may may not have a lid at all.

And another great thing about this project is how you can use it in so many ways! You can use it as a decoration, as a party favor, as a present or a container for the present, and as many many other things!

Anyway, I hope you will enjoy this project and try to make it! I will be very happy to hear your thoughts about it, so leave your comments and questions down bellow.
Thank you so much for reading my blog and watching my videos! Have a greatest day ever! And I will be here soon again with new beautiful project for you! Bye!

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